Tom Thomas

FordDirect / Vice President of Data Strategy, Analytics, & Business Intelligence

Tom Thomas is vice president of Data Strategy, Analytics, & Business Intelligence at FordDirect. He has 27 years of experience as an executive, consultant, and entrepreneur delivering digital advertising, mobile application, and ERP solutions to the automotive, CPG, hospitality, and public utilities industries. His team’s mission is to provide data solutions that help people and machines make more intelligent decisions within FordDirect and Ford & Lincoln dealerships across North America. Tom has been a contributor to FastCompany and a corporate advisor to the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative. He is a frequent industry speaker including events at the University of Michigan, the Innovation Enterprise Institute,, IQPC’s Data Analytics Leaders Week, Salesforce’s Dreamforce, Datorama’s Limitless, and Domopalooza. He bleeds both Hoosier and Wolverine with a CIS degree from Indiana University and a Ross MBA from the University of Michigan…Go Blue!